Character Parties
     $250   1 hour
     $275   1 1/2 hours
     $300   2 hours

2 Character Parties
     $275    1 hour
     $300    1 1/2 hours
     $325  2 hours

Princess Party
     $250  1 hour
     $275   1 1/2 hours
     $300   2 hours

Superheroes Party
     $250  1 hour
     $275  1 1/2 hours
     $300   2 hours
Above Package Prices May Vary Depending On Number Of Children

Just For Fun

     $200   1 hour
     $225   1 1/2 hours
     $250  2 hours
Just For Fun:
1 hour usually 1-12 children
1 1/2 hours usually up to 17
2 hours 17 or more...

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Character Parties for Children

Located and operating in South Queens (Woodhaven, Richmond Hill, Ozone Park, Howard Beach, Broad Channel, Rockaway, Bell Harbor, Roxbury and Breezy Point) We offer a great party experience for all young children.

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Party Games

Hot Potato
Pin the Tail on the Donkey
Duck Duck Goose
Musical Chairs
Balloon Pop
Simon Says

Dancing Games

Hookey Pookey
Freeze Dance
Chicken Dance